Protect and preserve the natural environment of Arnold Lake and surrounding property.

      Ensure our generation and future generations have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of our
      lake's pristine environment, recreational and sporting activities.  

      **Maintain water quality and desirable lake level.
      **Preserve the natural environment, wildlife habitat and fish propagation. 
      **Respect riparian rights.
      **Support recreational and sporting use of the lake.
      **Preserve tranquility through reasonably controlled use of the lake.

      2016 OFFICERS/BOARD:      
      President - John Hood
      V-President - Ron Samson
      Secretary - Sandie Cortez
      Treasurer - John Hause
      Board Members - Bob Faught, Don Furguson,  Tony Koritnik,  Matt Southern,    Mike Toner

      contact any above at::   alpoawebmaster1@gmail.com

      SAD (Special Assessment District):      

      The SAD is now is now in effect for 5 years. We will now have 100% support for the weed control from our waterfront 

      property owners on our lake.

      Thank you for your support.

      Lawn Fertilizers:      

      If you must fertilize, avoid fertilizers that contain phosphorus. It is phosphorus that accelerates growth of algae

      and weeds in our lake. When buying fertilizer the middle number indicates the amount of phosphorus. 

      Example: 10-0-10 fertilizer contains zero phosphorus.


      Dates to remember:      

      2017 Annual Meeting will be held Saturday at 10:00, July 15, 2017 at the new Hayes Township Civic Center (old 27 & Townline).

      If you have any questions or concerns, this is the best time to bring them up. Your input is needed and appreciated.

      Zebra Muscles:      

      Zebra muscles are in our lake and there is not much we can do about it. They were probably brought in from other lakes by

      boaters using the boat ramp. As for any cure for these, nothing is available yet. Your board will be keeping an eye on this.

      We do advise waring water shoes to help prevent the cutting of your feet. You can keep your boat motor’s lower unit out

      of the water while not in use, they can get into the unit and cause problems.

      No Wake Hours:      

      Remember, The NO WAKE laws are State laws, not just our rules. So, please observe.

      (NO wake between 7:30 PM and 11:00 AM)

      Fish Stocking 2016:      

      On October 20, 2016 - 2,270 Yellow Perch with lengths of 4-5 inches were stocked  into the lake.

       Thank you again for your support.



      New signs installed at south end of the kake.               


      2012 DNR Fish Survey for Arnold Lake (Word Doc.)


      Web page updated 11-30-2016




      Michigan Lake & Stream Assoc.



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